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Taper bush is a new type of mechanical transmission coupling parts commonly used in Europe and America, with high standardization, high precision, compact structure, easy installation and disassembly, etc.

Characteristics of Taper Bush

The taper bush is connected to the inner taper of pulley, sprocket and other transmission parts through the 8 degree outer taper so that the centring accuracy of various transmission parts is greatly improved. The size of taper bush is designed for series standard. Its inner hole keyway is processed according to ISO standard, thus universal interchangeability is very good, suitable for various occasions. When the transmission parts are running for a long time, the bore and the keyway may be damaged. If the transmission parts are using this taper bush, when this happens, it is only necessary to replace the same specification taper bush to restore the use. Thus, it greatly improves the service life of transmission parts, reduces maintenance costs and saves time.

Hub Bushing

Types of Taper Bushes and Hubs

The main types of taper bush are TB taper bush, QD quick disconnecting taper bush and STB split taper bush.

Representation of taper bushing.

For example: 1210-25 (1210: type of taper bushing 25: bore diameter of 25MM)

Installation of Tapered Bushings

  1. Remove all oil, dirt and paint from the shaft, bushing bore, bushing exterior and component (sprocket, pulley, etc.) bores.
  2. Insert the bushing into the assembly. Match the hole pattern, not the threaded holes (each hole is threaded on one side only.)
  3. Screw set screws or cap screws into those semi-threaded holes. Install the assembly on the shaft.
  4. Alternately tighten the set screws or cap screws to the recommended torque settings.
  5. On 3535 and larger bushings, hammer the large end of the bushing with a block, socket, or punch (do not hammer the bushing directly).
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the torque wrench reads the same after hammering as it did before hammering.
  7. Jaza mashimo yote ambayo hayajafungwa na grisi.
China Bushing and Hubs
Custom Bushing Manufacturers

Tapered Bushing Kuondolewa

  1. Remove all set screws or cap screws.
  2. Insert the set screws or cap screws into the hole. Loosen the bushing by alternately tightening the set screws or cap screws.
  3. To reassemble, complete all seven (7) installation instructions.